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And Now A Word From Some Former Residents of SHAS...


 Hi Safehaven folks,

I renamed them Polly and Abby (Polly is for polydactyl, as she has extra toes).  I have found these two wonderful additions to my gray kitty household. They get along with my older cat, Pippi, who is solid gray too.

Because they are sisters, Abby and Polly get along great and provide one another with comfort and fun. They are almost a year old so often fight like teenage sisters, but overall they are a close pair. Everyone who took care of them before they came to me (at age six months or so) THANK YOU for your loving kindness. They are a sweet, sleek, and loving pair of cats. I love them!

- Stacie

I just wanted to write and say Thank You for introducing me to Katie.

She has been in my family for almost 2 weeks now and has adapted very well to her new forever home.

Katie's favorite things to do are to sleep on Dad (me), wake me up by kissing my face and playing with her new toys. Besides sleeping on her new Dad, she likes to sleep in her bed next to him when watching tv or in her perch looking out the window and is usually within 3 feet of him at all times.

Katie is a very easy going and loving kitten who while being very loveable can choose odd hours of the night to want to play with her otherwise she is usually asleep right next to or on him in his bed. She keeps me company while getting ready for working or whenever I am doing something she has become my little shadow.

I couldnt have found a better kitten and even though its been a short time I am very grateful to have her in my life.

Thanks Again


Gaby is a very playful siamese cat. She is adjusted to being a indoor cat and loves her new sister Kiki also siamese. They play, roughhouse and sleep together. It is so much fun to watch them. In the evening she turns into a lapcat. We are happy to have her in our household.

- Ineke

Dear all,

Thank you for making it possible for us to adopt Shelby. She is wonderful kitty and we love her very much. She is very playful and sweet, follows us from room to room and makes our other cat Tiger much happier too. We know that we made right choice getting her in July. Please find attached picture of Shelby.

Olga and Seva

Shelby 1 Shelby 2

I'd like to thank Safe Haven for Porthos (formerly Ace) and D'artagnan (formerly Chester)
(aka Dart...Dart the Destroyer...Dartamous Maximus).

Our family was going through some very tough times late 2006 and we decided to adopt two kittens to show us all that there was light and love around us. While the kittens were not from the same litter, they quickly adopted each other. Porthos, was a shy black kitten and Dart was fearless and mellow at the same time. They have such great personalities, both have grown up to be very laid back.

Porthos has recently taken on alarm clock duties of waking my youngest up for Kindergarten each day last school year by meowing at the foot of the loft bed ladder until I lift him into the bed with the sleeping child. Then he proceeds to "delicately" walk up and down Sammy's body and head butt him until Sammy opens his eyes and begins to pet Porthos. Then Porthos turns on the rumbling purrs and makes us all smile. Wake up times are so much better! Dart takes the opposite duties and reminds me vocally when it is past MY bedtime and we should head up to bed.

Thank you Safe Haven for rescuing these loving animals that our family wouldn't be whole without.

Kim Carney

Porthos and D'Art

Dear Safe Haven folks,

I Just wanted to let you know that Angel is doing great.  My six year old re-named her Angel - cake because she is so sweet and has colors like an angel food cake.  Angelcake is quite happy here and has become a regular member of the household.  Given her great behavior, I am sure that she was well taken care of before we got her.  Please keep up the efforts and do make sure that you follow up with all those people who are interested in adopting.  Angelcake's a great cat and we thank you for bringing her to us.

K. Narain

The baby, Tessa (you named her Kristy) is 11 lbs, 9 oz and is FULL OF THE DEVIL still!  She is faster than lightning and more curious than any cat I've ever had!  Mama, Gia (you had called her Kara), has become a supreme lap cat, mellow, sensitive, and more sweet.

Gia's coat is really, really, thick, with an undercoat that is almost white, below the taupe colored blotches.  I believe that she was either shaved at one point or lost a lot of her coat when she gave birth, because you won't believe the mane she has around her neck now!!!

Tessa's coat is beautiful, smooth, and feels like velvet.  She is a terror!  She's a chewer and has chomped down on my wood blinds, on tablecloth edges, on toys, etc.  I have a small stuffed beagle that is just about the size the Tessa was when she arrived here.  Somehow, this dog has become her companion and I find it in the most curious places -- behind the garbage can in the kitchen cabinet (yes, she opens cabinets), on top of the vacuum cleaner in a closed closet (yes, she can maneuver the door latches -- I have to keep doors locked if I expect to keep them closed), and once the poor dog was in the litter box!  Tessa carries this dog around the house in her mouth, howling like she's dying all the while.  Gia comes looking for her whenever she howls, then Gia takes the dog and carries it back to her sunny spot and sleeps with it.  It's a crazy thing, but that dog is like another member of the litter.

Of course, now that the weather is getting warmer, they are both SHEDDING -- enough to cause me to vacuum every other day and dump the canister at least every other time I vacuum!  I have enough cat hair at the end of a week to build a new cat!  And it's like velcro!

I'm sending photos of now and when they arrived so that you can see the changes.  They are extremely healthy and seemingly very happy.  They have lots of sunny spots to lounge and they are not picky about their food at all.  They both have even started greeting guests instead of running to hide.  I LOVE THESE BABIES!

- Debra

Hello. I adopted a cat through Safe Haven 5 years ago from Foster parents, Gina and Geni. I don't know if they still work with Safe Haven, but I found my cat's adoption folder the other night and thought they may like to have an update on one of their foster kitties

His name is Jerry a black and white DLH. They got him when he was 8 weeks and I adopted him when he was about 5 months old. He is the best cat ever!! He lives in a big house with my boyfriend and I and he has 2 other cat siblings and 2 dog siblings. We actually call Jerry our 3rd dog, because he acts more like a dog and always hangs outs with our 2 dogs.

Jerry is such a great cat and I am so lucky to have found him through your organization. Thank you for all the great work you do.

Abbey Quento

Thank you so much for taking care of Ava and Blossom (now we call them Pippin and Gnocchi) before we had a chance to adopt them. They are two very sweet girls. They love to be petted and scratched and they purr very loudly.

We are glad that we could keep these sisters together - they play together, groom each other, and sleep curled up next to each other. Our boys love to play with them - they pull strings for the cats to chase and wave the feather toy above their heads.

Thanks again!

Gwen, Scott, Gavin and Gareth


I am finally getting around to responding to your request for info about our adopted love, Jake. He is doing great! He has become a comfortable part of the family and has bonded completely with the three of us and the dogs. They always greet him when he comes in as he walks under their chins and between their legs and he will hang out with them and us on the sofa.

 He even has some neighborhood cat friends he likes to hang out with. I can see that he was very well socialized being in a home with other rescue cats and he really likes the neighbor's cats. He even invites them to hang out on our porch with him.

He would like to be out at night but we have a routine that brings him in at about 9pm and then keeps him in until we go out to get the paper in the morning. During the day he is in and out as he wishes but usually naps on the beds. We have a game where he chases hairbands we shoot down the hall and off the ceiling. It is a favorite night time activity.

The picture is of Jake in one of his favorite spots on the front porch.

Thanks for bringing him to us through your kindness.

Tanya Burkey

 Tex has been a great addition to my home. My older cat, Felix, finally has someone to play with and they have become such good friends. Tex went from being shy and anti-social to being quite the attention hog. He always wants to be pet and involved in all activities.

Keep up the good work Safe Haven !!!


Our kitty, initially named Celeste has been renamed Maggie upon her adoption in August 2008. She is a wonderful addition to our family. Our 8-year-old daughter was not a cat person until she met her. It was love at first sight. We really won the lottery in adopting our precious Maggie! We could not be more pleased. Here are some pictures to prove it.

~ The Trudeau family

I thought I would drop you a line about the success on Max joining our family. He arrived Memorial Day weekend 2008 and quickly acclimated to his new surroundings. His step sister wasn’t quite sure and very curious sniffing the door trying to figure out what surprise was in the other room. There first two encounters ended with them safely running from each other to hide but soon subsided. I wouldn’t call them best friends but as time progressed they tolerated each other.

 Here is a picture of the kids sitting in there four foot kitty tower. It's a bit grainy as I took the picture with my cell phone. Allie (3 years) is on the upper level, Max (9 months) is just below. As you can see it is good they have different color collars as they look quite similar.

Looking at them here you'd think they are very well behaved. WRONG! :-) Allie is pretty low key and turned into cat mode when Max joined the family but still chases Max all through the house. They love to play "got ya last" with each other swatting faces, no scratching just love taps. Max's new game is fetch, where I have to throw and fetch his little fuzzy ball most the time and his goal is to jump as high as he can catching it. It's a riot watching him do summer salts in midair or as he runs to catch the ball. Both of the kids have really given us hours of amusement and love. I can’t imagine going back to a quiet house with out them.

Kids! You have to love them! Have a good day! :-)

Thank you!
Sue Rodgers

  Hi There!
Just received your e-mail and wanted to let you know that Molly (Kortney) and Frankie are doing very well. Frankie, who was not sure he liked dogs when he joined us, warmed up to our Beagle, Megan, in about a week and now has even been known to share her pillow.  He has grown HUGE but is a very mellow guy.  His favorite spot to relax is in any patch of sun, or is next to our shower by the heating vent.

Molly (Kortney) is quite an imp. She is very mischievous and much more vocal than Frankie.    Molly had no problem with Megan from day 1 and can be found chasing her down the hallway trying to get her to play.  Molly likes to sleep on the foot of our bed at night, cuddled up between our feet. As you can see from the pictures they have settled in nicely.  It is like they have been with us for years.

All the Best!

On May 23, 2008, we adopted the best friend our whole family will have in a very long time. My dad had had cats, dogs, horses, and other pets when he was a kid. We originally were looking for a dog, but then settled on a cat.

We stopped by our local Petsmart, in Cupertino. I had seen "Sierra" on the 13'th of of May. She was sleeping lazily, just like she is doing this very moment. I wasn't too impressed. A week later, my two brothers, accompanied by my mom and dad went out to check out our local Petsmart again. When she started walking around, we immediately fell in love with her.

We all loved the easy adoption process from Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, a lot because of the two ladies that were at the Cupertino Petsmart adoption center, Diane, and the other lady with lots and lots of cats. They both provided really good facts to us.

Just one last thing I want to tell you. Keep up the good work!

Honey is doing very well. She is sometimes a handful because she sends mixed signals, and seems a little neurotic maybe because of her past history. She acts one way and then behaves in a very opposite manner, but with time we have come to a reasonable equilibrium, I think.

 She is very loving and likes attention, though this was not always the case. She used to exhibit independence coupled with an opposite over-dependence. For the longest time, she did not like to be held, or picked up, but simultaneously wanted a lot of attention. With time and patience, however, she now loves being held and even asks for a hug or two almost every day. Also, she never liked to have anyone near her belly; she would invite a belly-rub with her posturing, but if I tried it I would get a bite or a scratch for my efforts. Again, with time and patient communication she now also loves getting her tummy rubbed -- usually once daily. She likes to kiss/lick me too, and once or twice a week she will do that very spontaneously, often surprising me and taking me off guard. 

In the mornings she will, after a considerable wait, try to wake me. Usually this means she'll jump on my chest and pad my shoulder until I finally stir. I can feed her at this point, or if I choose to rollover she will lay across my knees until I'm eventually ready to wake. Then it's a often a hug, petting, lots of purring, followed by her breakfast making her one very happy cat.

Warren Spies
Cupertino, Ca

Thank you for the receipt for the cat that I adopted.   Her name is now Lucy and we are doing great together. She has become the master of the house and seems to be very happy.  She was quite overweight when I got her and I have been working on getting her slimmed down.  Little by little she is losing weight, and she looks noticeably narrower than when I got her.  She's still not ready for a modeling runway but we will keep working on it.

My only problem with her is that she keeps waking me up at night with her nose and whiskers in my face and/or kneading the covers and me but we are working on that too.  Hopefully I can get her to leave me alone at night but so far I haven't had much luck.

  So the bottom line is that she is well and happy here and I'm sure we'll enjoy many good years together.  Attached are two pictures of her.

  Pete Letchworth

I just wanted to thank SafeHaven for our newest addition to our family! TigerLily (formerly Muffin) had absolutely no trouble fitting right in.

Here she is between her big brothers Buster and Buddy:

Here she is playing in her new tunnel:

She is so sweet! She gives lots of kisses and just purrs and purrs!

And of course she has turned sleeping into an art!

Thank you!
Jennifer Burkett

We adopted Carolina the other week at Petsmart Cupertino. I would like you to know that she is doing very well. She appears happy and is social with us, particularly in the evening when the kids are asleep. She lets our 5 year old pet her without problem during the day and sleeps often on his bed. She hides in her cat tree from the 3 year old, however if coached she also let the 3 year old pet her too. She started playing a bit (to our delight!), grooms herself and behaves well in regard of scratching and litter box use. Carolina IS the right cat for us.

Thank you
Margarete K. Leclerc

Hi Safehaven!

Here is a picture of Mouse (we're calling him Oreo now) at his new home with our white cat Petey. Petey was put down 3 weeks ago (He was failing and feeling miserable) so we're very sad about his loss but are so happy that Oreo has joined our family. The second picture is of Oreo too on his most favorite place; my bed!

Oreo has been adjusting to our other cat Precious very well. Sometimes there is still a bit of hissing but they are also playing with each other a lot. We are so happy to have Oreo and love him dearly! Thank you for letting him join our home!

Mary Beth Gagen

Hi Cheryl,

My boyfriend and I adopted 2 kittens from you last year and I just wanted to let you know that they are still amazing cats. They are now a year old and we love them so much. They get along great and we are so happy to have been talked into getting them both. I have attached a picture of them all grown up for you. Thank you very much!


This is Sundae's brother. Although we may never have true love with he and his new older sister, they have always had an understanding and I ADORE HIM. I wanted one who loved me and did not bite or attack etc. He is just a love.

I am obsessed with taking pictures and he is just too cute all the are some of my favorites. He never have perfected how to meow yet, he sounds like the Pilsbury doughboy. He turned 7 months this week. He has the best tail in the neighborhood!! He began very small but we have adopted baby huey and turned out just stunning!

Thank you for saving him and sorry I did not take Sundae, but he was meant to be with me. My first was all white and I truly did not look for all white, he seems to be my previous cat's inner HAPPY cat.

Karen Walker

Just wanted to say what a joy little Pearl Girl (formerly Vanilla) has been. Here she is pictured with her “brother” Barbosa. She is a perfect fit both for our feline family and ourselves. She is the little lap cat we had been missing, and a perfect companion and playmate to Barbosa who is the youngest member of our feline family and was desperately in need of a playmate.

They bonded within minutes of meeting each other and are best buddies. Thank you for rescuing her and providing her with the opportunity for a good, long life with a happy family who loves her.

Diana and Tony Zimmerer

Hi Janice

I wanted you to know what a huge blessing little Rosie has been in my life. She is truly a gift from God. Within a month after I brought her home (which was less than 3 months after I lost my 18 year old Himmy, Elliott), I met my fiance, Mike. We got engaged on July 13th and are getting married on November 10th. In April, Mike and I got another kitty, Morgan to join our little family and all four of us are so happy! Here are some pictures of Rosie and her buddy Morgan. We just love her to pieces!!

Take care,

Debbie Sanderson

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