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Selma Needs Your Help

When SHAS received an email about a litter of homeless kittens that needed assistance, we knew we would do everything we could to help. The email stated that the litter included a blind female, and one of our volunteers immediately offered to foster her. Selma arrived at her new home scared and confused; she had never been away from her siblings and was accustomed to living under bushes in cold, rainy conditions. But she soon adjusted to life in a warm home, purring with joy in the loving arms of her foster mom.

When Selma was examined by our eye specialist, Dr. Burling with the South Bay Veterinary Clinic, she identified the sources of Selmaís blindness. One of her eyes is filled with a mass of tissue that prevents any vision; the other eye is only partially developed and is marked by a tuft of hair growing out of it - a chronic and irritating condition.

Because risk of infection is so high and she suffers constant discomfort, Selma needs special surgery to remove both of her eyes. The cost of surgery is over $1200, and should be performed as soon as possible. But itís a small price to pay to ensure this kitten a better life, and Safe Haven needs your help.

Although she canít see anything out of either eye, Selma has never known any different and is a gentle, sweet kitten. She will truly thrive once she undergoes the surgery. Safe Havenís mission has always been to support animals like Selma, providing them care for their special medical needs and finding them loving forever homes. And your support can help us bring life-changing care to one more deserving animal.

All donations to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary are tax deductible.
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