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Cat or Kitten?

  Why adopt an adult cat vs. a kitten?
  • Adult cats generally are better for households with small children. Kittens can play rough and cause harm to children by biting or scratching if they are scared. Children sometimes handle kittens too roughly and can cause harm. Adult cats are more mellow, and often more patient with young children.
  • Adult cats require less attention and supervision. They may choose to curl up in a sunny spot in front of a window, instead of climbing up the back of your couch, chewing electrical cords, knocking over knickknaks and running all over the house.
  • If you have an older cat in your home and are looking for a friend for him/her, another adult cat may be the best option. Kittens can be too playful for an older cat and annoy him/her instead of providing companionship.
  • Adult cats may sleep at the foot of your bed or in a cozy spot in your bedroom or under your bed, while a kitten will most likely run around all night climbing on anything low enough to jump on, including you.
  • If you are elderly, work long days, or have children under six, consider adopting an adult cat.
  • Some adult cats are single-household cats. If you only want one, an adult cat is recommended. A young kitten will probably get lonely if left at home alone all day.
  • Most adult cats are already litterbox trained and know to use scratching posts instead of your furniture or drapes.
  Why adopt a kitten vs. an adult cat?
  • Kittens are so adorable!
  • They are full of energy and love to play, which is very entertaining to watch.
  • Kittens are often easier to introduce into a household with existing young adult cat(s). Kittens are small, so they aren't seen as much of a threat by adult cats.
  • With a lot of patience and consistency, kittens can be trained to only scratch designated areas (scratching posts), to not jump on tables and counters, etc.
  • If you adopt two kittens, they will have someone to play with (besides you) and can keep themselves entertained much of the time.
  • Kittens love attention and enjoy playing with their owners.
  • Kittens are a good choice for households with older children who can handle them gently.
  • Kittens are generally easy to introduce into households with other animals (dogs, bunnies, etc.)

Top 10 Reasons Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

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